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District Honors Teachers and Staff

Posted Date: 06/02/2023

District Honors Teachers and Staff

On Friday, May 19, 2023, Valley View ISD recognized several employees.  Among those recognized were retirees, service pin recipients, and the Spring 2023 Eagles Above and Beyond recipients. 

Francisca Tellez was the first Spring 2023 Eagles Above and Beyond Award recipient.  The nomination received for her stated: “I have been so impressed with her all year. She always greets students and faculty with a smile and is eager to help them in any way possible. She makes sure that everything has been taken care of. Every time I see Francisca, she helps maintain the school in some way. I have never had to ask her for help because she has already finished what needed to be done. It is noticeable on the rare occasion when Francisca cannot be at school. I have been at this school for several years and Francisca Tellez is one of the best employees I have encountered in that time.”

Jonathan Shaw was the second Spring 2023 Eagles Above and Beyond Award recipient.  The nomination received for him stated: “Coach Shaw has come in to VVISD and truly stepped up in big ways. Students and teachers all respect Coach Shaw. A couple things I have personally witnessed is Coach Shaw has worked both Junior high and High school track meets and I see him present at many of our HS functions including sporting events, band events, and UIL. I know between him and Ms. Terry we have an administrator at almost everything the High School has on the calendar. I also had the opportunity to stop by his office one day and he has all these paintings the students have done in art decorating his office. So many of the kids and staff can see them from the hallways and not only is the art pretty impressive from our students but it also is such a wonderful way for our students work to be appreciated. I think Coach Shaw has fit in just perfectly here at VVISD and I am grateful for all he does for our students and staff.

Other staff recognized are below:

2022-2023 Service Pins


5 years

Shawna Brinkley

Brittnie Boliver

Shannon Worley

10 years

Nora Rico

15 years

Lori Epperson

Emily Howard

Tracey Lance

25 years

Tracie Shelburne

Sharon Howard



5 years

Heather Lybbert

Curtis Wilcox

10 years

Kim Brecht



5 years

Hayden Terry

Sasha Williams

10 years

Angela Smith

20 years

Ava Nickerson



5 years

Juana Ruiz

Marty Sparkman

Charles Warlick

Joe Worley

10 years

Yuliana Anguiano

Martina Rico



5 years

Kenzie Harvick

15 years

William Stokes

25 years

Billy Shelburne



Virginia Alphin 31 years at VVISD, 35 years total

Leslie Bell 28 years

Melanie Brown 17 years

Kenna Elles 16 years at VVISD, 47 years total

Monica Parkhill 18 years at VVISD, 31 years total

Betty Sandmann 5 years

Laura Spragg 33 years

Debra West 33 years


Pictures included: 

Francisca Tellez with the Above and Beyond award.  Hillary Terry present award to Jon Shaw.
 Retirees with their awards.
Francisca Tellez Hillary Terry presenting award to Jonathan Shaw. Retirees:  Kenna Elles, Melanie Brown, Betty Sandmann, Monica Parkhill, Leslie Bell.  Missing are Virginia Alphin, Laura Spragg, and Debra West.







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