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Staff Directory

Administrative Support:

Vikki Reasor –  Director of Special Education

Jennifer Watts – Special Education Coordinator

Jennifer Bennett – Transportation Director/Business Manager

Maria Nava – Records/PEIMS Management

Jennifer Loyd – Behavior/Instructional Specialist



Christy Hartman, Lead Diagnostician – SSA Liaison

Sarah Grayson -Callisburg Elementary

Natalie Polk – Callisburg Middle/High

Janet Gaston – Era Elementary

Kimberly Wolfe – Era Middle/High, ECI

Kimberley Henning – Lindsay Elementary

Chelsea  Yosten (Private Contract) – Lindsay Middle/High

Rhonda Walterscheid – Muenster Elementary & Muenster Middle/High

Maria Buenos Aires – Valley View Elementary & Bilingual Evaluations

Twylight Allison – Valley View Middle/High & Sivells Bend

Tim Cato- Walnut Bend

Speech Pathologists:

Shamra GarnerLead SLP-Era ISD Supervisor

Misty Hartman, MSB Adminisraor & Assistant – Era Elementary & Era Middle/High

Jennilyn Evans, SLP-Callisburg Elementary

Jessica Redfearn, Assistant – Callisburg

Danila Skaugen, (Private Contract) – Callisburg Middle/High & Walnut Bend

Emily Springer, SLP – Valley View Elementary, Valley View Middle/High & Sivells Bend 

Morgan Alvey, Assistant – Valley View Elementary, Valley View Middle/High

Carissa Salsman, SLP – Lindsay Elementary & Lindsay Middle/High

Toni Dutton, SLP – Muenster Elementary & Muenster Middle/High Supervisor

Karri Bindel, Assistant – Muenster Elementary & Muenster Middle/High 

Anna Rozell, SLP / Private Contractor – Sacred Heart


Occupational Therapy:

Jamie Vozenilek, Occupational Therapist/Autism Specialist – Callisburg Elementary, Callisburg Middle/High, Sivells Bend & Valley View Life Skills (VEELS)

Angela Hennigan, Occupational Therapist – Related Services’ Team Lead – Valley View Elementary, Valley View Middle/High, Era, Muenster & Lindsay


Adaptive Physical Education:

Brittany Pierson –  Private Contract / All Cooke County SSA Districts


Transition Coordinator:

Tim Cato, Transition Specialist – All Cooke County SSA Districts 



Rona Balderas, Behavior Team Lead – Special Education Counselor – All Cooke County SSA Districts

Beth Bartush, Special Education Counselor – All Cooke County SSA Districts


Physical Therapy:

Renee’ Pelzel, Physical Therapist / Private Contract – All Cooke County SSA Districts


Teacher of Visually Impaired:

Vicki Parker, VI Teacher – All of Cooke County SSA Districts