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McKinney-Vento Resources

Welcome to Valley View ISD McKinney-Vento Support Page

(for children and youth experiencing homelessness)



McKinney-Vento District Information

A brief overview of the McKinney-Vento Act and the identification process.



McKinney-Vento Contact Information

An image of Jesse Newton

Jesse Newton

Valley View ISD McKinney-Vento Liaison
An image of Emerald Trammell

Emerald Trammell

Valley View High School Counselor 9th & 10th Grade
An image of Keely Baker

Keely Baker

Valley View High School Counselor 11th & 12th Grade
An image of Cherish Sheffield

Cherish Sheffield

Elementary School Counselor




District Contact Information

You are very important to us and we want to make sure you have the information you need. The document to the left provides all district contact information.  For more information or additional resources please review the resources listed below.  As always you are welcome to contact the Student Support Professionals listed above for guidance.







 Below are resources to help support you. This list is updated periodically, and if you require further assistance, please contact your campus or district designee.




District Resources

These resources are available to students in Valley View ISD. 




District Resource List

LEA program services available to students and families are listed on the document to the left. This list is a helpful tool and is available to help guide the support of families and students. If you have questions or require further help, please reach out to the campus or district contact. That information is listed above. Making sure you are taken care of is very important to us.  





Local Community Resources

This list of resources will help you find resources specific to your area.  


About 211 the most comprehensive source of information about local resources.

211 Local Resource Service


Calling 211 allows you to speak with a local expert and find local resources anywhere in the United States.  Resource information includes crisis support, financial support, mental and physical health resources, and countless other resources.  This resource is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is completely confidential.  The button shown below will take you to the 211 website, where you can see all of the services available.  This resource is appropriate for use by school personnel and families.

 211 – A support network for immediate assistance in finding resources for all needs.




ESC Region 11 REACH Project Resource Map

McKinney Vento Resources Map

ESC Region 11 REACH Project Resource Map Key

McKinney Vento Resource map key.

The interactive map is housed as part of the ESC Region 11 REACH Project website.  Please visit the webpage to utilize this interactive resource.  The resources in this map are updated routinely.  If you have questions or concerns regarding the resources listed please contact Lesley Cathey at




Your Local Mental Health or Behavioral Authority Page
This website will guide you to find your local mental health agency. 


TAFB Mobile Pantry Schedule
This document lists the days, locations, and times of the mobile food pantry for the DFW area.



Texas Local Housing Authority Resource Page
This website is useful to any Texas resident and will direct you to your local agency.