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Friends of Valley View

Friends of Valley View Youth Supporters




A. The purpose of this 501 (c) (3) organization is to support local youth who actively participate in the Valley View FFA, JR FFA, Valley View FCCLA, and any local 4H club determined by Officers at the Cooke County Livestock Show.

B. To provide a tie between all persons interested in supporting Valley View FFA, FCCLA, 4H, and the Friends by assisting the Valley View FFA, FCCLA, 4H, and Education Personnel.

C. To promote greater knowledge of FCCLA, 4H, and FFA and support Education Personnel



The meetings shall be determined each month for the following month starting with the first meeting the Monday after Labor Day at 6:30 pm at the Bob Andrew Agricultural Science Center.



Our organization conducts fundraising activities to support the Valley View FFA, 4-H, and FCCLA students by buying their CCYF (Cooke County Youth Fair) CCJLS (Cooke County Junior Livestock Show) breeding/market animals, exhibits, or projects. The money raised goes back to the students 100%. Many of the students will use this money for future animals, feed/supp



All FFA, FCCLA, and 4H families must participate in the following to receive premium money at the County Livestock Show:

A. Attend 60% of meetings.

B. Serve on Committees when called upon.

C. Be physically involved in 75% of all fundraisers.

D. Must participate in coordination, preparation, and involvement of two (2) to three (3) of the designated major fundraiser activities, with the Fall Auction being one of them and the others will be determined during the school year.

E. A designated representative of each group supported (FFA, FCCLA, & 4H Chapter) must be at each meeting.

H. Dues of members shall be $25.00 per family per annum and paid on time by the deadline date.