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This area is for School District Employees and Staff.

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TEKS Resource

Texas Home Learning – Professional





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Eligible Texas teachers include early childhood, pre-k & K -12.

7/16 Teachers who signed up in the previous year will receive an email with 15% off school & office supplies and select household essential items. This email will contain a one-time use barcode and the offer will be valid to redeem in-store only,  7/16 -8/27. This set of teachers will NOT need to sign-up again this year to receive the discount.

7/19 New teacher sign-up will be available via online sign-up at Offer will be valid to redeem in-store only 7/19 -8/27. An email with a coupon will be sent on a rolling cadence as sign-ups are received ( could take up to 48 hrs max).

The last day for sign-up is 8/23