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Varsity Softball NTX Tournament

02/25/2021 to 02/27/2021

(Source: Athletics Calendar )


EAST REVISED SCHEDULE (at Valley View) FRIDAY 9:00 Brock vs. Boyd 10:30 Brock vs. Bonham Noon Boyd vs. Bonham 1:30 Valley View vs. Brock 3:00 S&S vs. Bonham 4:30 Valley View vs. Pottsboro 6:00 Valley View vs. Sanger 7:30 Pottsboro vs. Sanger Friday games will be 1:15 (finish the batter) time limit SATURDAY 9:00 Brock vs. S&S 11:00 Boyd vs. Sanger 1:00 Valley View vs. Bonham Saturday games are set to be full 7-inning games. That may change depending on the timing of the severe weather. They may also end up being time limit games.