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2018-2019 Valley View
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July 9, 2018



Dear Parents,


On behalf of the Valley View Coaching staff, I would like to welcome you to the Eagle Athletics Program.  It is a pleasure to have you and your child as a part of the program and we truly hope you will be a positive supporter.  We are thrilled to be working with you towards the Eagle athletics mission, which is to “develop championship student athletes of character on and off the field.”  I firmly believe that athletics provide a vehicle for educating student-athletes in valuable life lessons.  Athletics teaches personal responsibility, self-control, teamwork, and mental and emotional endurance.  Additionally, the Junior Varsity teams provide an immediate opportunity for our students to experience the brotherhood/sisterhood that they will hopefully continue to develop at Valley View High School.


Please keep in mind high school athletics is a highly competitive sport and the emphasis does shift from participation to competition at the high school level.   Those players who abide by the rules, work hard, and put our team in the best situation to be successful will see the majority of the action.  Obviously natural ability plays a major part in this selection.  We do feel, as a staff, that since we are with our players every day in practice and have the opportunity to see them perform not only in games but also on film and in practice, we are in the best position to evaluate performance and effort.  Academic performance and proper demeanor, on and off campus, can play a major part in our evaluation of players.  Regardless of how a player begins the season there is always the opportunity to compete for playing time throughout the season.  As the Athletic Director, I am aware that there are times when parents have concerns regarding the program.  I encourage you to contact the head coach with concerns or questions.  If after visiting with the head coach and still have concerns, feel free to contact me at school 940-726-3659 ext. 151 or my cell 940-736-7115. 


Athletes CAN NOT practice, play, or workout with us until a physical is on file for the 2018-2019 year.  Every day that is missed, athletes will have to make up running for that practice.


I encourage you to support our Athletic Program by becoming involved in the Booster Club.  The Booster Club is a huge part of the success here at Valley View and needs volunteers to help our athletes and facilities continue to become even better. 


Hope you are having a fun, relaxing summer and again welcome to the program.  I look forward to seeing you at the games.







Alan Kassen, Athletic Director

and the entire Valley View Coaching Staff





UIL & VV Athletic Forms

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