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Elementary Academic UIL Meet

Posted Date: 01/24/2021

Elementary Academic UIL Meet

Congratulation to our Valley View students for a job well done representing Valley View ISD at the Elementary UIL Meet on Friday, January 22, 2021.


2nd Grade Creative Writing

2nd- Crew Davis

5th- Rhyen Kemp


2nd Grade Chess Puzzle

1st- Ryan Hoffman

3rd- Branton Noles

4th- Rhyen Kemp


2nd Grade Music Memory

1st- Hadley Kemp and Rhyen Kemp

5th- Parker Barthold


2nd Grade Storytelling

5th- Kaylee Austin

6th- Kasey Nelson


3rd Grade Chess Puzzle

1st- Daniel Nelson

4th- Crew Davis

5th Lola Schneiderjan


3rd Grade Music Memory

2nd- Daniel Nelson

3rd- Kasey Nelson

4th- Lola Schneiderjan


3rd Grade Storytelling

3rd- Faith Honeywell

6th- Isabella Ledford


3rd Grade Ready Writing

1st- Delaney Ford

2nd- Marle Davis

3rd- Haley Davis


3rd Grade Spelling

2nd- Faith Honeywell

3rd- Harper Claytor


4th Grade Chess Puzzle

3rd- Gunner Ottinger

5th- Ryker Smith


4th Grade Music Memory

1st- Rachel Ritchey

5th- Mia Villa


4th Grade Ready Writing

2nd- Brisa Munoz

4th- Maddie Bayer

6th- Mia Villa


4th Grade Spelling

5th- Ryker Smith


4th Grade Oral Reading

5th- Aubree Hawkins

6th- Rachel Ritchey


4th Grade Number Sense

2nd- Cesar Delval

5th- Brooklyn Bewley


4th Grade Art Smart:

1st-Rachel Ritchey

2nd-Nancy Hernandez

4th- Jocelyn Prescher


5th Grade Chess Puzzle

1st- Matthew Bush

3rd- Brayden Kines

6th- Grady Shelburne


5th Grade Music Memory

4th- Erika Kassen

5th- Miranda Rios


5th Grade Ready Writing

3rd- Abby Noles


5th Grade Spelling

5th- Kaylie Perez


5th Grade Oral Reading

5th- Abby Noles


5th Grade Number Sense

4th- Pressly Martindale

5th- Matthew Bush


5th Art

5th- Talen Griffith

6th- Brayden Kines


5th Dictionary Skills

1st- Abby Noles

3rd- Taylor Cawthon

5th- Cason Krocker


5th Grade Listening

3rd- Ryker Smith

5th- Harry Vaughan


5th Grade Social Studies

2nd- Cate Davis

3rd- Abby Noles