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MS Football Communication

Middle School Football Information


 All Athletes are required to purchase workout clothes (VV Shorts / Tshirts) which are $20.  You may purchase more than one set of clothes.


****At this time ALL athletes are required to bring their own water jug, filled with water to use in practice.   The jug should have their name and cannot be shared.   This same jug can be used during the school day.****


Parent Communication

Please go to the athletics website and go to the Athletic Communication tab. Please sign up for the Remind Middle School Athletics and Remind Football communication links.   Your parent communication will come through the website and the Remind communication links.


Covid-19 Risk Mitigation Strategies

All student athletes must wear a face covering when they enter the athletic facility.  Face coverings will be required throughout the athletic period.   The coaching staff will inform the athletes when they are allowed to remove the covering from their face.   All student athletes will be required to complete a temperature scan as they enter the facility.   Any athlete that does not get scanned will not be allowed to attend practice or the athletic period.



All incoming 7th graders must have a physical and medical history form completed and on file before they will be able to participate.  Returning 8th graders must have the medical history form completed and on file to be able to participate.  The physical and medical history forms are on the homepage of the Athletics website.   



Players will be provided helmets, shoulder pads, mouthpieces, and practice Jerseys.  However, players may purchase and use their own helmets (must have a black face mask), shoulder pads, and mouthpieces).  Players must provide their own practice pants and game pants.   These pants need to be solid white and pre-padded.  



Practice will start on Tuesday, August 25th.  Players are to be at school by 6:30 a.m. and the bus that takes the players to the field will leave at 6:50 a.m..  Players are expected to be at every practice.   If you are going to miss practice, you must notify your coach before practice begins.  You are expected to be at practice everyday.


Locker Room

Each athlete will be provided with an athletic locker.   The only equipment that can be left in their lockers overnight  are shoes and equipment needed for practice.   Clothes will be washed daily by the coaching staff.   Locker rooms will be cleaned and sanitized every day.   If you bring a towel, it must go home daily.  Athletes are encouraged to shower daily.  Personal hygiene items may be left in their lockers.


Athletic Injuries

All injured athletes are required to see the VVISD Athletic Trainer for all injuries.   If a doctor is seen, the trainer will work in conjunction with the doctor to get the athlete back to play as soon as possible.   If injured, the athlete is required to see the trainer everyday.


Athletic Attire

Athletes are required to wear the appropriate workout attire everyday.  Athletic gear (VV shorts and T-shirts) must be purchased at a cost of $20 from your coach.  Athletes are also required to have the appropriate footwear daily.   You will need both cleats and tennis shoes.



Game Schedules are on the website and are subject to change


Middle School Football Information Printable Sheet pdf icon