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Valley View Middle School Football


Middle School Football



All players MUST have an updated physical to practice.  Football players are expected to have their physical completed by 8/25.  Not having a physical is considered a missed practice.

Practice will start on 8/25 at 7:00 a.m.

The practice schedule for the first 2 weeks of practice is on the Athletics Middle School Website

Players will be assigned all needed equipment, however, players can wear their own equipment.   Personal equipment will be fitted and approved by a coach.   Helmets must be white and have a black facemask.

Players must have school-purchased workout clothes.   If clothes were not ordered in the spring, there will be clothing available for purchase on the first day of school.  The cost is $35.

Injuries must be reported to the coaching staff and trainer.

Doctors' notes with restrictions, must be provided to the trainer.

If an athlete is prohibited from participating due to doctors' restrictions, the athlete is expected to meet with the trainer for physical therapy.   The trainer is available at 7:00 a.m.

Students must maintain a 70 on all coursework at report card time to remain eligible to play.  Grades are the student-athletes responsibility.   The Athletic Department will have frequent grade checks.   

Schedules are posted on the Athletics Middle School website.   Game times are subject to change.

Parent meetings will not be held after games or practices.  Parent meetings will be held with the Athletic Director or coaches during their designated conference period.

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