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Classroom Procedures and Grading Policy

US History, World History and World Geography

Mrs. Tynes

Class Rules

1. Respect yourself, the teacher, fellow students, and guests.

            a. do not talk back

            b. do not talk over others

            c. do not insult or talk about others

            d. do not touch things that do not belong to you.

2. No food, drink, or cell phones.

3. No working on other subjects during our class time.

4. You may not leave the room unless there is an emergency.  No excessive bathroom breaks; classes are approximately 50 minutes so please plan ahead. If you must leave the classroom, get the hall pass from the teacher.

5: Be in your seat when the bell rings ready to learn.

6. Do not waste class time on things that should be handled once class is dismissed.

Consequences for breaking the rules

  1. Warning
  2. Detention and phone call home
  3. Office Referral and phone call home.


Tests                            45%

Daily                           45%

Six Weeks Test           10%

*Note: if students are not on task / prepared for class, points will be deducted from their participation grade. Students will receive a weekly class participation grade (20 points per day).

100 – 90%                   A

89.9 – 80%                  B

79.9 – 70%                  C        

69.9 – and below        F

Late Work

All work is expected to be turned in on time. IF there are mitigating circumstances you need to let me know.

Incomplete Work

Incomplete work will be returned to you to be completed. When late work is handed back to you to be completed it will be counted as 1-day late. (Leaving one or two questions unanswered is not considered incomplete work.  Leaving a large block of questions unanswered is.)

Field Trips

If you are going on a school sponsored field trip please complete all work BEFORE your absence. Please make arrangements with me to take tests and quizzes before or after school.  Assignments and tests missed during field trips will be graded according to the Student Code of Conduct.

Excused Absences / Unexcused Absences 

All missed assignments, quizzes, and tests need to be made up in accordance with the student code of conduct and the student handbook. 


Cheating will not be tolerated. Students who cannot resist the urge to copy work from fellow students will be dealt with severely. Students who allow others to copy their work will be dealt with severely. Plagiarism will not be tolerated; avoid this by properly citing sources and/or creating your own work. Students caught cheating will be dealt with according to the CISD policies set forth if the Student Handbook If you have any questions regarding the proper citation of sources, or anything else regarding the cheating policy, please ask me ahead of time so that you avoid trouble.  If you know a classmate is cheating please inform me immediately.

Cell phones

Cellular devices are not allowed at Valley View High school during school hours according to the student handbook, unless I specifically tell them they can use them in class.  Phones that are either heard or seen will be taken up on the first offense. There are no second chances.  Phones can be picked up from the office by parents according to the policies set forth in the VVISD Student handbook.



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